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Everyday Creativity in Riga Everyday Creativity in Riga Our Everyday Creativity project poster was presented at the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) Spring Conference on 7–8 June 2019. The conference topic was “Innovations, technologies and research in education”
What can we learn from the Finnish education system? What can we learn from the Finnish education system? On 4 April 2019 the Romanian teachers who had taken part at the in-service teacher training course at the University of Jyväskylä, held a presentation in forn of over 80 teachers and parents about their perception of the Finnish pedagogical principles and practices.
2nd Newsletter 2nd Newsletter Within the Everyday Creativity Erasmus+ project 25 people (teachers and education project managers) took part at an in-service teacher training programme (blended training).
My follow up.. My follow up.. February, 2019 - As part of a 20 hours teacher`s training programme for History teachers I held a training module with the topic: Developing teachers` creativity in schools. My 8 hours long training module consisted of 4 parts (1 theoretical, 2 practical and one self-reflective).
Joint Staff Training in Finland Joint Staff Training in Finland Within the framework of the "Everyday Creativity" project, 25 educators and project coordinators form the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy and Romania started a blended in-service teacher training course in September 2018. The online session was followed by a one-week intensive on-site training at the University of Jyväskylä, held between 19-24 November 2018.
Creativity" blended training course for teachers started Creativity 25 teachers take part in the EVERYDAY CREATIVITY TEACHER TRAINING COURSE provided by the University of Jyväskylä through their Moodle platform.
Defining the teacher training content in the second transnational meeting Defining the teacher training content in the second transnational meeting

On the second partnership meeting that took place on 28-29 May 2018, in Perugia, Italy, the needs analysis results have been presented and largly discussed. The representative of the Finnish partner presented a draft for the teacher training curriculum.

1st newsletter 1st newsletter We invite you to visit the website of our project, which aims to increase the creativity and innovation in everyday school practices in schools in four European countries (Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Romania) by:

- providing support and training to teachers to focus upon the processes of creative skills development,
- actively involving teachers and their learners in showcasing and boosting creative practices in their schools,
- identifying and promoting uptake of creativity boosting methods and measure, with an emphasis upon everyday school/classroom creative environments,
- providing teachers and learners with opportunities to develop their own creativity and engage them in reflection upon their own pedagogy and learning strategies.