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February, 2019 - As part of a 20 hours teacher`s training programme for History teachers I held a training module with the topic: Developing teachers` creativity in schools. My 8 hours long training module consisted of 4 parts (1 theoretical, 2 practical and one self-reflective).

The topics of the modules were the following: 1. Creativity and our everyday teacher`s creativity (reflections on Finnish models), 2. Games and history – creative methods using game-based pedagogy, 3. Interdisciplinarity, digital and multisensorial learning in our own teaching – exploring our own ”treasure chest” 4. Me, myself and my school – reflections on the role/tasks of the History teacher in boosting the internal creative resources of schools. Through the modules I disseminated the results of the #EverydayCreativity project, presented the online creativity tool developed, talked about teachers`s creativity based on the Finnish models experimented at the onsite training in Finland, discussed about the differences between teachers generations and students generations in using and embracing digital world, played traditional games and learned how to adapt to the teaching of History, talked about digital storytelling and learned a little bit how to use Book Creator, Kahoot and the QR codes. The programme was organised by the County Teachers` House and the School Inspectorate of Harghita County, recognised by the Romanian Ministry of Education

Ferencz Salamon Alpár