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Module 2: Creative ways of teaching and learning

In this module you will explore 

  • possibilities of innovation, and 
  • ways to adapt novel methods and approaches to your own teaching. 

The main activity in this module is a thorough discussion of a short book published on children's creativity. This will help you to reflect on your own practices and gain a fuller understanding of links between creativity and learning.

Inspiring a Generation to Create: 7 Critical Components of Creativity in Children
Center for Childhood Creativity, 2015. [Accessed on 29 August 2018]

As the publisher's description states, this brochure "synthesizes more than 150 studies from various academic fields contributing to our understanding of creativity. The paper asserts that environment and experience determine our creativity potential and provides a new framework of seven key skills associated with creativity as well as practical tips and sample activities to promote the skills."
Open the above described brochure Inspiring a Generation to Create

Read the Introduction (pages 4–8) and choose at least one component of creativity you would like to learn more about. The components are discussed in separate chapters: 
  1. Imagination & Originality;
  2. Flexibility;
  3. Decision Making;
  4. Communication & Self-Expression;
  5. Motivation;
  6. Collaboration;
  7. Action & Movement.

  • When reading the chapter of your choice, think about the educational context you work in. The book is about children's development, but you can adapt the content to upper grades of primary education, secondary education or adult education as well.

  1. add your chosen component as title of the post;
  2. summarize (or quote) two thoughts you found especially interesting, and explain why you found them interesting;
  3. add two questions or aspects that you wish to study further during this course.