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Module 1: Promoting co-operation among teachers

In this module, we develop ways to enhance cooperation among teachers. You can find materials and tasks about the following topics:

  • finding cooperation partners in your school;
  • implementing shared projects across subject boundaries;
  • initiating change, starting innovation.

We begin with a warm-up assignment in which we invite you to reflect on your own teaching practice and envision yourself in the future. Then we proceed with discussions on various innovative projects.
Please answer the questions in the following self-assessment tool for teachers:

Please save the feedback page (you can dowload it in pdf) for your future reference. 

Based on your self-evaluation, answer the following questions. Please save your answer because you will need it later to complete another assignment. 

  • How would you summarize your teaching philosophy briefly? That is, why do you teach in the way you do?
  • How would you define creative teaching? What does it mean to you to be a creative teacher?

Expected length of your answer: 150–200 words

25 Ways Teachers Can Connect More With Their Colleagues

Best Colleges Online. [Accessed on 29 August 2018]

We recommend this source which presents some hints to enhance cooperation with your colleagues. Almost all subtitles (those in blue) point to a detailed source or discussion forum so you can read more about those ideas you are the most interested in.

New national core curriculum for basic education: focus on school culture and integrative approach.
Finnish National Board of Education. [Accessed on 29 August 2018]

This overview summarizes the main elements of the new Finnish national core curriculum, and explains why an increased cooperation on all levels (including subject teachers) is necessary for efficient multidisciplinary learning.
Working together with colleagues that have a different disciplinary background than yours can be an inspiring but challenging experience. We invite you to discuss with your colleagues how collaborative teaching across subject boundaries can renew your teaching. 

Read the following articles:

Using a Mock Trial to Build Literacy Skills


Using Science to Bring Literature to Life

With your colleagues, you can discuss, among others: 

  • what you think about the teaching projects presented in the articles;
  • what has been your experience with planning and implementing teaching projects in collaboration with other teachers;
  • what are the challenges of finding a collaboration partner, and how to address them.

Please feel free to initiate other topics as well.

You can also share further resources (articles, videos, websites, etc.) and discuss those.
HundrED, a non-for profit organization has disseminated inspiring projects of educational innovation. Watch their introductory video below.

Their website showcases hundreds of innovations with detailed descriptions. You can search among them, or browse in collections (e.g. 100 global innovations from the year 2018). 

Choose at least one innovation from the website that you find interesting and relevant to your own teaching, and initiate discussion about that in an online teacher community.  If you are not yet member of any online teachers communities, or if you are happy to join a new one, join the Everyday Creativity social media community:

In your post:
  • add the title of the innovation;
  • add the link of the description;
  • describe how it relates to your own teaching;
  • tell whether you would like to experiment with it, how and why;
  • tell how you would begin adapting the innovation.

Feel free to comment on similar posts of other community members.