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Guidance for creativity accelerators

To summarize the results of the training and impact of all its activities, as well as to maximize the transferability of these results, the project partnership, under the coordination of the „József Attila” Primary School will write and publish an illustrated, infographics-supported guidelines for teachers on how to become to become accelerators of creativity and innovation in their schools and communities.

These guidelines will have a logical structure that will facilitate the practical, every-day use of the tools, methods and materials developed within the project (self-assessment tool, training material, platform, pedagogical resources) It will have photo-copyable annexes for instant use in classrooms of children 6-14, to facilitate creativity within various school subjects.
It will summarize all the conclusions of the project and will formulate practical advise for teachers and school principles on how to make their schools/classes more creative environments.

The innovative element of this output will be the Teacher Portfolio Aid, a section dedicated for tips and tricks on how the teachers can present and testify their skills and competences in the area of creativity facilitation.