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In-service teacher training program

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Welcome to the course "Everyday Creativity"!

Within the EVERYDAY CREATIVITY project the Department of Teacher Education, Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Jyväskylä. provided a blended (online and on-site) in-service training for teachers between September 2018 and April 2019. 25 teachers and educational project managers took part in the course from four countries: Hungary, Italy, Netherlands and Romania.

By this website we would like to offer open access to the core training materials so that all interested teachers can use them to develop creativity and cooperation in their schools. As you will use this training course autonomously (without the involvement of trainers or facilitators), the training tasks are formulated as self-reflective questions. However we encourage you to look about for cooperation with your teacher colleagues and discuss the questions and tasks in your school communities.

Development areas of the training:

● Learning space and multi-sensory teaching;
● Developing applicable skills through teaching;
● Organization of interaction and technology in the school;
● Connecting different subjects in learning and teaching (e.g. multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary education)

Time allocation:
This online course (including all the assignments) will require approx 50 hours of work. Your tasks will include: reading recommended literature, watching recommended videos, reflecting upon the training topics, discussing the topics with your colleagues, posting to online communities and implementing a development project in your school.

You can access the thematic modules of the training by clicking on the titles below.