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To meet its objectives, the project proposes to produce three intellectual outputs:

1. Creativity and development needs assessment including an online, interactive self-assessment tool for teachers.

2. A blended training course for teachers on how to facilitate creativity within their schools and teaching practices, provided by the Department of Teacher Education, Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Jyväskylä.

3. Guidelines for teachers as accelerators of creativity and innovation in their schools and communities, including a Teacher Portfolio Aid.

Throughout the 2 project years:

  • 20 teachers will take part in the blended training and transnational mobility,
  • 200 teachers will benefit from the national teacher training workshops.

We expect that all these teachers will apply the creativity boosting methods and tools in their daily practices, the project having an impact upon more that 4000 learners aged 6-15.

The application of the "Finnish model" in the participating schools and other applied creative practices will de documented and shared with more teachers and education stakeholders across Europe via the project platform.