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Self-assessment tool for teachers - ready for piloting Self-assessment tool for teachers - ready for piloting The partnership behind our project supports teachers to facilitate creativity with stronger self-confidence in their everyday teaching practice. For this purpose we created a self-assessment tool for teachers.

This assessment tool is based on the model described in Pamela Burnard’s book: Musical creativities in practice (Oxford University Press, 2012), and helps teachers reflect on three aspects of multiple educational creativities: modalities; pratice principles; forms of authorship.
Why we started the project? Why we started the project? Creativity has been in the focus of arts education in a broad sense, but it is only in the last decades that educational reform leaders started to consider it a key issue for "everyday education", regardless of school subjects or areas, a factor that can have a decisive impact even on the learners’ academic achievement.
Meet the project partners Meet the project partners The project partners represent different organisations: a university, a public school, two NGOs, a social cooperative and two SMEs.

First transnational meeting In Szeged, HUNGARY First transnational meeting In Szeged, HUNGARY After reviewing the project management methods, work division, project timetable and the requirements concerning the expected project outcomes, the meeting was dedicated to preparing the development of the firts project result, the online self-evaluation tool for teachers.
Follow us! Follow us! To urge for "everyday creativity" at schools and to encourage teachers across Europe to join teh project community, reflect on their teaching practices and share their ideas and best practice examples, the Everyday Creativity project is present at various social media sites.