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News and articles

Report on Creativity fair and conference in a local newspaper Report on Creativity fair and conference in a local newspaper A very detailed report has been published in a local newspaper Hargita Népe, right after the Creativity fair and conference, organised in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania.
Multiplier event in Leeuwarden Multiplier event in Leeuwarden The teachers from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands were able to learn about the Everyday Creativity project and its results by visiting our Everyday Creativity event. At the beginning of the event, they were introduced to the project and to the project outcomes available, with the focus on the Creativity Handbook for teachers. Afterwards, the teachers got to experience one activity from this Handbook, The Da Vinci Bridge. This is a very practical, easily transferable (into own classroom), activity, which stimulates creative thinking. At the end, the teachers got the opportunity to network, but also to exchange own practices with their colleagues regarding creative and innovative teaching.
Dissemination workshop in Sândominic Dissemination workshop in Sândominic A dissemination workshop for teacher has been organised at the Márton Áron Primary School in Sândominic, Romania.
Csilla Lázár presented the Romanian teachers' experience in Finland and lessons we, as teachers, can learn from the Finnish education.
Press release about the Everyday Creativity fair and conference Press release about the Everyday Creativity fair and conference A short press release has been published in a local magazine Origo, to inform the general public about the Conference agenda and to present the guest speaker Jukka Sinnemäki.
Multiplier event in Szeged, Hungary Multiplier event in Szeged, Hungary Call for Creativity Pitch organised on the 6th of November within the Everyday Creativity multiplier event in Szeged, Hungary
Combining robotics and literature Combining robotics and literature Robotics and literature together in the Primary School of Maroslele. Designing and programming robots to play Exupery’s famous story, The Little Prince, with the support of the experts of the Somogyi Library of Szeged.
"Creative" Romanian Summer School This year in the Spektrum English and Romanian Summer School we try to apply some of the "lessons" learnt during the in-service teacher training we attended within the Everyday Creativity Erasmus+ project.
"Green" education, language and communication hand in hand, was the topic of the "Creative" Romanian Summer School for children whose mother tongue is Hungarian in Şumuleu-Ciuc/Csíksomlyó.
Everyday Creativity in Riga Everyday Creativity in Riga Our Everyday Creativity project poster was presented at the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) Spring Conference on 7–8 June 2019. The conference topic was “Innovations, technologies and research in education”.