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Self-assessment tool for teachers - ready for piloting

The partnership behind our project supports teachers to facilitate creativity with stronger self-confidence in their everyday teaching practice. For this purpose we created a self-assessment tool for teachers.

This assessment tool is based on the model described in Pamela Burnard’s book: Musical creativities in practice (Oxford University Press, 2012), and helps teachers reflect on three aspects of multiple educational creativities: modalities; pratice principles; forms of authorship.
The tool asks teachers to reflect on their everyday school practices and select answers from "never' to "often" to describe their various school practices. There are no perfect or bad answers, of course, every teaching practice is unique and obviously cannot be assessed just based on one questionnaire. However, just like any self-evaluation practice, our tool will hopefully raise awareness on creativity, on teachers' professional development needs and will provide another opportunity to discuss modaliies, practice principles and forms of authorship in schools across Europe.

As for the purpose of this tool within the Everyday Creativity project, anonimously provided input by teachers using the tool wil be used to design a blended training course for primary and lower-secondary school teachers, who would like to help the development of creative competences of their learners.

The training course will be designed and provided by the University of Jyväskylä.  The pilot phase of the course  will take place between September 2018 - February 2019, and teachers from Holland, Hungary , Italy and Romania will take part on it.
The course will also have an Open Education Resource component, avaialble for all interested teachers and will be accessible throught the present website starting from May 2019.

We believe that schools and teachers need continuous improvement and a thorough self-assessment is a necessary firts step in this process. After teachers filled in the questionnaire, they will receive their status and recommendation to improve their practice, as well as a bunch of online resources to develop themselves  in the following ares:

1.   the variety of tools, technologies and materials in everyday teaching practices; 

2.   the variety of methods and strategies everyday teaching practices;

3.   the ways in which teachers communicate with learners to create new knowledge.

Our project will provide further tools and methods to teachers, as well as good practices in the area, for updates follow our webpage and social media sites.
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