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First transnational meeting In Szeged, HUNGARY

After reviewing the project management methods, work division, project timetable and the requirements concerning the expected project outcomes, the meeting was dedicated to preparing the development of the firts project result, the online self-evaluation tool for teachers.
Based on  the synthesized framework for understanding multiple musical creativities integrating the theories of Csikszentmihalyi (1999) and Bourdieu (1993), by Pamela Burnard (Burnard 2012, p. 223), the aspects of "multiple EDUCATIONAL creativities" has been discussed by the project partners. Stating from this model we have defined three main perspectives from which creative teaching practices can be examined: modalities, practice principles and forms of authorships.

Within each cluster a set of creativity-boosting teaching practices have been identified, and 3-5 I-statement have been formulated for each set. Sample statements:
"I integrate science and art in teaching."
"I encourage my students to identify problems and find solutions in their own."

Teachers will reflect on their own teaching practices and will rate their practices on a scale from 1 to 4: 1 - never, 2 - rerely, 3 - somtimes,  4 - often.

The Online tool will be available in April 2018.
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