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Defining the teacher training content in the second transnational meeting

On the second partnership meeting that took place on 28-29 May 2018, in Perugia, Italy, the needs analysis results have been presented and largly discussed. The representative of the Finnish partner presented a draft for the teacher training curriculum.

The suggested development areas:
• Learning space and scholscape
• Applicable skills
• Multi-sensory teaching
• Organization of interaction
• Multidisciplinary education and STEAM

Thematic modules:
1. Promoting co-operation among teachers
a. finding cooperation partners in your school
b. implementing shared projects across subject boundaries
c. initiating change, starting innovation (with regards to O4)
2. Creative teaching and learning methods
a. creating a personal teaching philosophy
b. articulating own views on creativity
c. possibilities to do things differently – see the framework for O1
d. how to adapt methods and approaches to my own teaching
3. A pedagogically conscious creation and use of resources and materials
a. adapting materials to the needs of learning groups
b. understanding the pedagogical background, purpose, etc. – knowing when, what and why to do
4. Developing learner-centered indoor and outdoor environments
a. involving learners into planning their learning path and environment
b. understanding what learners need and adjust teaching to that
c. how to include learners with different abilities
d. playfulness, humor and attitudes of teachers
5. Engagement and motivation of parents, teachers and learners for innovation
a. interaction between learners and teachers
b. involving learners into interaction, calling their attention and interest in novel ways
c. balance between structure, clear expectations and freedom

• Module portfolio created by the working groups to document training activities
• Development implementation plans to boost creativity in local communities
• Workshop plans to transfer knowledge to peer teachers (as part of development implementation plans)

The online training will take place between September 2018 and April 2019, while a short-term joint staff training will take place at the University of Jyvaskyla in November 2018.
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