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The blended training course for teachers on how to facilitate creativity within their schools and teaching practices will be provided by  the Department of Teacher Education, Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Jyväskylä.

The ONLINE part of the training will be started in SEPTEMBER 2018. 
If you would like to join this training and/or the teachers training workshops organised in Hungary, Iraly, Romanian and the Netherlands in 2018, contact the Project Partners.

Therefore the project would like to benefit from the opportunity that Erasmus+ offers and provide a training course to teachers in RO, NL, IT, HU, a course that will be targeted to the needs of these teachers (based on O1) and will focus on the most innovative tools and methods applied and tested in Finland.

The course will be designed as a blended training, and will be characterized by a practical approach. It will incorporate a min. 30 hours online training plus a 5 days short term staff training in Finland.

The training participants, after completing the blended course, will organise local workshops for their teachers colleagues, to multiply the results of the training. Min 10 teachers will participate at the workshops organised by each of the 20 beneficiaries of the training in Finland.